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Back in San Fran, I settled myself into a downtown hostel which turned out to be a smart move. This hostel was appararently pronounced the 'most fun' hostel in the States last year, and they deserved this title, because they had a nightclub in the basement where they served free beer every night. A great place for Halloween! On the 31st they put up a pinata for everyone to bat. Of course, I was frantically crawling across the floor on all fours to pick up the candy, as you would expect from me. I also played - and won - my first game of beerpongwhere you have to throw ping pong balls in the cups of the person opposite you to make them drink the beer.

At the hostel I met my new Swiss friend Maik who turned out to have to same plans for California: to drive down the spectacularly scenic Highway 1. So we rented a car and took off, for Yosemite first. We did an 8 hour hike up to Glacier Point and back, almost 5 hours non-stop up the mountain (to find that there was no glacier) with amazing views and trails leading past deep cliffs. We slept in the car a couple of nights which wasn't as fun as it sounds cos it was freezing - almost literally. Every few hours it would get so cold that we woke up and had to drive the car around to get the heating going.

Driving down the coast, we had the most beautiful view of the ocean, we could see dolphins in the water below us and pelicans soaring above! We checked out Monterey and Big Sur and then went on down to Santa Barbara, always staying at cheap motels where drug dealers barked a 'wanna buy weed' at you the moment you opened your door. We continued on to Pismo Beach, Malibu Beach and then into LA. We didn't mean to, we just took a wrong turn and ended up in downtown LA. We spent hours searching for the right exit and after a while we finally suspected that we must have missed it and decided to check the map. It turned out we were already nearly in Laguna Beach, which is pretty far south of LA. We meant to end up there, we just took a 'little' longer. Quite an adventure though :). We went on to San Diego first where we found some friends from Germany that we'd met in Yosemite. The four of us took their car to go to the zoo, but we never made it there as we ended up in a car crash. Typically, in the car in front there was a pregnant woman and in the one in the middle were some ancient people... fuck my life. Everyone was ok though thankfully, but the car was scrapheap material. The rest of the day was one big fuzzy headache and we decided to drown our sorrows with a bottle of rum on the beach. With the full moon, all was soon forgotten..

Our next stop was Las Vegas. A long drive through the Nevada desert later, bright neon lightened up our heavy hearts. It took us exactly ten minutes to settle into the hostel and get very high. Right in time for some good strip-exploring. We decided we'd better assign some important tasks; Francois would make sure we wouldn't get lost, I was in charge of not losing anything, and Maik had the very important responsibility of making sure non of us would accidentally get married. But.. who's gonna prevent us from getting murdered?! Alright this was funny when we were making it up. We spent our time racing around the casino's in wheelchairs and later that day I was attacked by a cactus. Day smoothly passed into night and we went out with some new friends from the hostel. I met zorro and played the fruitmachines :D. The next night Maik was obviously not op top of his game; it will always be remembered as the night I almost got married in Vegas. The only obstacle was the fact that at 5 in the morning, apparently even in Vegas the wedding chapels close. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. The next day several people I didn't know asked me if I wasn't the girl that almost got married, and whether I was happy now that the chapels were closed. Hell No! It would have been too much fun.

The last stop on this roadtrip was Los Angeles. We went out on Hollywood Boulevard and the next day I was shown LA in a day: Downtown, Occupy LA (more cops than occupants), Venice Beach (where doctors practically beg you to come in and buy some medical marihuana) and Santa Monica Pier, which was unfortunately invisible due to the fog.

I made my way over to LAX the next day and flew to Texas, where the story continues...

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